"Rent our Facility" 4SESSION PACKAGE

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Rent our facility for a private Skate/Scootering/Blading session!

Get a Package of 4 PRIVATE SESSION NIGHTS renting our facility to do anything you want (CONTEST OR ANY KIND ARE NOT ALLOWED)

Have the one and only indoor skatepark in Orlando open in extra hours just for yourself. Enjoy a closed-door session in which the skatepark is specifically reserved for a certain group (If the number exceeds more than 20 participants other fees might be applied).

Rent Package Includes: 

  • X hours of private free skating/scootering/blading
  • Access to 3 different rooms 
  • TV and Video Games entertainment 
  • Air Conditioner at all times
  • 10% off in pro shop purchases
  • Music/ Multiple Speakers

 Call (407)650-8171 or (407)951-3314 for information.