Lock-In Night

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Enjoy an amazing overnight skating/scootering/rollerblading event with us where all ages are welcome!



  • 10:00PM-6:00 AM Session
  • 20% Off In The Shop
  • Free Slice of Pizza
  • Free Drink 
  • Video Games 
  • Movies/Netflix/Hulu


Our Lock-In night is a kid-friendly, drug/alcohol free, door closed event where all ages are welcome. The event consists of a whole night of skating/scootering/roller blading where participants arrive around 9-10 pm to stay locked inside the skatepark until 7:00 am next morning (Participants will be allowed to leave if needed at any time).

As the night goes by, the skatepark will host a BEST TRICK CONTEST where participants will battle for the chance of winning different prizes and a free monthly membership. There will be VIDEO GAMES and MOVIES going all along to ensure everyone is having an awesome night.  Additionally, the skatepark will offer participants a free slice of pizza and drink as a courtesy. Snacks and beverages will be also available for sale at any time during the event.