Birthday Parties

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Celebrate this special occasion with us. It will definitely be a birthday to remember! 

We’d love to be part of this special day and we are willing to help you make it awesome. 

Our skatepark will provide you with multiple rooms with decorations for guests to place their present, sit and of course eat the cake. We will also provide the skaters with the required gear (pads, skateboard, helmet) to make sure they have an amazing time! 

Instruction time will last 1:30 hours. During this time the kids will receive a lesson where they will be taught with the bases of skateboarding and with many other basic tricks. Our experienced instructor will be in charge to lead and ensure skaters have fun while learning. After instruction time the kids will be allowed to keep the equipment for as long as they want to skate within the regular skatepark hours. (They cannot take the equipment home).



  • Skateboard Instruction Time
  • Protective gear (Elbow Pads, Knee Pads, Wrist guards, Helmet) 
  • Skateboard (Different sizes available to ensure better learning) 
  • Multiple Rooms with birthday decorations

Bronze Package (Up to 10 Children)

Silver Package   (11-15 Children)

Gold Package    (16-20 Children)